abeautifulvictory: this is gonna sound crazy as hell... but, can you be my muse ?... i make a lot of music, and i've been looking for a muse... you are perfect... i hope this doesn't creep you out, i just had to ask.. :-X

I respect the fact that you got balls to ask. And of course I’ll be your muse. No one has ever asked so I’m very flattered in all honesty. Link me some of your music as well.

Anonymous: you look like foxy

Foxy who?
Foxy Brown, if so then
You got me all fucked up

Sorry, not sorry.

Anonymous: do you have a soundcoud or somewhere that lists the songs on your playlist?


(its part 1) so basically half of the playlist .. this weekend

I will post part 2 (the rest of it)

beaprettygirl: What do you use to make your own gifs, please ? :)

I use gifyo.com (:


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felishhh-h: i love your hair, you're so beautiful omg

Aw thanks love



denim and versace. taken by hikristofferson